Flash: EHP Encrypted Security USB Drive

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Axiom Fiber Cables
EHP Security Drive

The Axiom EHP2 Secure Drive with 256-bit hardware-based encryption safeguards your most sensitive data. The private partitioning allows you to securely store and transfer data, even ensures sharing the drive with others with private partitioned data secure from unwanted access.

The EHP2 Secure Drive offers fast and convenient storage solution for the mobile professional and on-the-go user. Offered in three capacities the Axiom EHP2 Secure Drive provides ample storage space for your photos, videos, music, and other personal files. Packaged in a pocket-sized, retractable case enables you to backup, share, carry and transfer your files wherever you need them.

Delivering speed and agility, the Axiom EHP2 Secure Drive is the flexible yet powerful storage solution for your immediate needs.

DescriptionPart Number
256-Bit AES Encrypted EHP2 USB 2.0 Security Drive
16GB EHP2 USB v2.0 Flash Drive W/ 256-bit AES Encryption Security USBEHP216GB-AX
32GB EHP2 USB v2.0 Flash Drive W/ 256-bit AES Encryption Security USBEHP232GB-AX