Flash: ESP Security USB Drive

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Axiom Fiber Cables
ESP Security Drive

Axiom's Ultra High Speed E.S.P. Drive (Encryption Software Protection) uses 448-Bit Blowfish Encryption Technology, making it the best solution for data security on the go. Blowfish is one of the strongest and fastest encryption applications in public use, making it ideal for a product like the E.S.P. Drive. By using a 64-bit block size and 448-bit key length, you can feel safe storing your information and carrying it around with you. Its unique software gives users the choice of which data they want to protect while leaving a portion of the drive to act as a standard USB key, without having to re-partition. Simply drag and drop the files you'd like to protect into the secured folder, set up your password, and feel at ease knowing that your work is protected. The E.S.P. drive utilizes hardware based encryption combined with Ultra High speed flash to provide one of the fastest and most secure USB 2.0 Flash devices on the market today.

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