Flash: Custom USB Drive Logo Imprinting

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Axiom Fiber Cables
Custom Drive Logo Imprinting

Axiom Custom Printed USB drives offers an easy and convenient way to build lasting brand awareness and logo recognition through a promotional USB flash drive. These drives are ideal as trade show giveaways and any related marketing strategy where you may want to advertise your brand. Axiom also offers a file loading service that can load a variety of multimedia content onto the drive before it ships to you. All Axiom USB flash drives come with our industry leading warranty, service and support.


Lead time – Approximately 7-10 business days
Logo Print Type – Screen or Pad Print
Standard Imprint Area – 1.25” x .5” (*Standard Axiom USB Drives – Other Axiom usb drives may have a different imprint size)


Axiom requires the custom logo artwork to be a vector based file. If you do not have your original artwork as a vector file, Axiom does have a partnership with a design team to have your logo created into a vector based file for an extra charge. Please consult with your Axiom Sales Representative for more details.

Vector Files

Vector based images are scalable and editable images that consist of outlines. One of the main advantages of using vector art is that it can be easily enlarged without distorting the image. Vector art is also the standard for high quality printing and logo typography for custom Axiom USB Drives.

Vector files must be created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and usually consist of an .AI or .EPS file type. Simply changing a bitmap file (jpg, gif, psd, png, tif, bmp) into an AI or EPS file does not automatically make the file a vector file.

The diagram below shows the difference between a vector file and a bitmap file. A vector file type will retain its quality no matter how much the photo is magnified. However, a pixel based bitmap file will lose quality when enlarged.

Pantone Color Matching

Axiom would be able to match your Pantone Color for your logo at no extra charge. Please provide your Axiom Sales Representative with the pantone colors when placing an order.

File Loading

Axiom does offer file loading services. Please inquire with your Axiom Sales Representative for a detailed quote.