Memory: DDR4 Memory Upgrades

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Memory: DDR3

DDR4, the new and latest evolutionary design in DRAM provides improved speed, power management, and reliability.

The release of 2133 MT/s DDR4 delivers overall performance improvement of 30% for single DIMM configurations. DDR4 performance scales up to 65% faster in 3-DIMM per channel (3DPC) applications over DDR3.

Operating at 1.2V, DDR4 DRAM runs at a 20% reduction in power demand versus DDR3. System applications from mobile laptops to servers will benefit from the lower power consumption. Lower power draw equates to lower utility bills for heating and cooling enterprise servers, and longer battery life for mobile users.

DDR4 provides improved diagnostic and debugging tools for increased overall reliability. Axiom DDR4 also offers greater reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) in enterprise applications with Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), Parity, Per DRAM Addressability, and Gear Down Mode.

High bandwidth and faster data rates combined with lower voltage demands deliver the most compelling and significant DRAM computing update in the past decade.

DDR4 delivers:

  • Faster data rates (Mb/s) – 100% over DDR3
  • Higher Densities – Up to 300% over DDR3
  • 20% reduced power demand

DDR4 Equals More Speed, Less Power Consumption, Greater System Efficiencies

With Axiom, enjoy guaranteed compatibility and a lifetime warranty from 'The OEM Alternative™'

CapacityPart Number
DDR4-2133 x64 260-Pin SODIMM 1.2v
4GB AX42133S15Z/4G
8GB AX42133S15Z/8G
16GB AX42133S15B/16G
DDR4-2133 x64 288-Pin UDIMM 1.2v
4GB AX42133N15Z/4G
8GB AX42133N15Z/8G
16GB AX42133N15B/16G
DDR4-2133 x72 ECC 260-Pin SODIMM 1.2v
8GB AX42133ES15Z/8G
16GB AX42133ES15B/16
DDR4-2133 x72 ECC 288-Pin LRDIMM 1.2v
32GB AX42133L15A/32G
64GB AX42133L15C/64G
DDR4-2133 x72 ECC 288-Pin RDIMM 1.2v
8GB AX42133R15A/8G
16GB AX42133R15A/16G
32GB AX42133R15C/32G
DDR4-2133 x72 ECC 288-Pin UDIMM 1.2v
4GB AX42133E15Z/4G
8GB AX42133E15Z/8G
16GB AX42133E15B/16G
DDR4-2400 x72 ECC 288-Pin LRDIMM 1.2v
32GB AX42400L17C/32G