Memory: Fully Buffered Memory Upgrades

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Axiom Fiber Cables
Memory: FBDIMM

Fully buffered DIMM (FBDIMM) is the new standard for reliability and speed in the latest servers and workstations. FBDIMM keeps pace with both the memory bandwidth and increased capacity requirements of today's server processors. With unparalleled density due to its architecture, FBDIMM's are cost-effective, and a compromise between speed and density is no longer necessary. Increase your productivity with far better application responsiveness, better speed and capacity balance, and process data while supporting a much faster front side bus. FBDIMM's will quickly become the industry standard and easily outperforms any other memory available.

CapacityPart Number
DDR2-533 240-Pin Fully Buffered DIMM x72 ECC
512MB AX2533F4Q/512
2GB AX2533F4R/2G
DDR2-667 240-Pin Fully Buffered DIMM x72 ECC
2GB AX2667F5R/2G
4GB AX2667F5V/4G
8GB AX2667F5W/8G
DDR2-800 240-Pin Fully Buffered DIMM x72 ECC
1GB AX2800F5S/1G
2GB AX2800F5S/2G
4GB AX2800F5V/4G