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Axiom is a leading provider of technology solutions for memory, flash, storage, battery upgrades, and networking connectivity for IT resellers, OEMs, and distributors in today's fastest growing IT market segments. Axiom's comprehensive product line supports a broad range of applications including enterprise and high-performance computing, networking and telecommunication connectivity, enterprise direct attached and distributed storage, mobility, and personal computing upgrades.

In 1995, Axiom was founded as an independent memory module provider. Over the next 19 years, Axiom strengthened the memory product line and diversified with storage, flash, notebook batteries, and networking connectivity products. Axiom's success has been fueled by the unwavering dedication and passion for high performance, quality, and consistency. Led by an innovative and dedicated management team, the entire Axiom family is committed to growth, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Axiom is the fastest growing memory, storage, and fiber-optic connectivity upgrades provider in the corporate, SMB, and government market segments.


Why Axiom?

  • High performance, reliable upgrades and IT product solutions.
  • Trusted source; proven reliability.
  • Industry leading warranty across product portfolio.
  • No additional charge for technical support.
  • Lifetime warranty for memory and fiber optic transceivers.
  • Recognized leader in computing upgrades and integration solutions.
  • Unique product mix to support multiple technologies across IT platforms.
  • System-specific part number scheme easily identifies correct upgrade for compatibility.
  • All product designed and manufactured to meet or exceed needed specification.
  • Strict quality control to guarantee compatibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Timely and knowledgeable sales, product and technical support.
  • Cost savings with confidence.



Axiom Product Categories


Axiom's dedication to the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of industry standard and system-specific DRAM memory modules is demonstrated by the company's continual growth and ongoing success. Axiom supports DRAM technologies ranging from leading edge DDR3 to legacy DDR2, DDR, and SDRAM.

Axiom memory products are designed and manufactured using tier-one components and represent the very best in quality management, reliability, and advanced memory testing. Offering leading technologies that adhere to stringent manufacturing quality standards uniquely positions Axiom to deliver the highest level of consistency and product value for our customers’ success. Advanced testing ensures Axiom products are 100-percent guaranteed compatible and exceed all system-specific and industry standards.

Axiom comprehensive memory product line spans from SO-DIMMs for your mobile device to Registered DDR3 DIMMs for enterprise high-performance servers - Axiom has the memory for your mission-critical application.


Axiom provides leading-edge flash memory products for your mobility and networking applications. Designed and manufactured to comply with strict industry standards, each Axiom flash product is tested to guarantee full system-specific operability. Offering a complete line of flash ranging from consumer SD, SDHC, microSDHC devices, USB flash keys, to enterprise flash-product applications, Axiom flash products offer the diversity to cover your flash requirements.


Axiom storage solutions range from personal computing to scalable enterprise-class products. Axiom provides innovative and flexible storage designed to efficiently expand and improve storage resources. Whether the need is for personal small workgroup backup or a large enterprise IT infrastructure, Axiom has the reliable storage option for your needs.

Axiom's internal notebook, mobile, desktop hard drive replacement solutions and external storage products represent the commitment to providing easy-to- install and trouble-free storage options. Axiom server and enterprise storage delivers hot-swappable, scalable, storage for leading OEM server, storage arrays, and enclosures. Providing a cost-effective solution that exceeds all OEM technical specifications and best-in-class warranties, Axiom delivers reliable performance for ever-increasing storage demands.

SSD (Solid State Drives)

Axiom designs and manufactures flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) for the enterprise, high-performance computing, datacenter, and consumer storage markets. Designed for blazing speed and faster system start up, the Axiom Signature SSD product line is tailored for the PC and Mac notebook, desktop, and mobility products. Available in 1.8” and 2.5” form factors these consumer-based SSDs are completely equipped for higher performance for personal computing applications. Solid-state drives have no moving parts and have zero latency, are virtually shockproof, and consume less power than standard hard drives. Combined with the advanced NAND flash controller with a complete suite of sophisticated features ensures that Axiom SSDs provide the reliability and performance you demand.

Engineered with the highest level of reliability, Axiom enterprise SSD solutions provide the optimum performance for heavy transaction processing and mission-critical applications. As enterprise business demands accelerate and IT infrastructure increases in complexity, Axiom SSD solutions provide new levels of performance and operational simplicity. Designed and integrated as a seamless hot-swap “drop-in” storage expansion for leading servers and storage enclosures, Axiom Enterprise SSD provide a significant increase in performance while protecting the current IT server and storage investment. Powered by the latest flash controllers to provide advanced free space management, ultra-efficient flash memory block management and wear leveling, Axiom enterprise SSDs feature superior durability, lower power consumption, and extended drive life.


To accommodate the ever increasing networking demands, Axiom offers a variety of cabling and transceiver solutions each optimized for the unique application media and distance parameters. Axiom fiber optic transceivers, copper transceivers, and cabling products represent the most reliable and high quality solutions delivering the optimum solution for enterprise, data center, SMB and campus environments.