The truth about Axiom memory and your Manufacturer’s system/server warranty.

It is commonly believed and there have been reported incidents where networking, storage, and computer system manufacturers, have informed customers that if third-party products or upgrades are being used in the system manufacturer's hardware application, the warranty for that system would be voided. The truth is, no third-party product voids the original system warranty, and in addition to anti-trust laws, it violates the Magnuson-Moss Act to coerce any consumer with this tactic. Regardless if the pressure or coercion is directed through a distributor or reseller, any tie-in provision that forces the consumer to purchase a manufacturer's own equipment or brand, whether the consumer didn't want to buy the product at all, or preferred to purchase the product elsewhere under different terms, U.S. laws are being violated.

The Federal Trade Commission's Magnuson-Moss Act protects consumers from the restriction that only the OEM products or services can be purchased or used in order to keep their warranty valid.

Please feel free to contact Axiom or your dedicated Axiom Representative at 888-658-3326 with any questions on our products and our product services and support.

For more information about the Magnuson-Moss Act: Bureau of Consumer Protection

What does this mean to you? You cannot be required to add the Manufacturer's memory, hard drive, or other OEM branded upgrade or accessory to maintain the warranty on the system. Also, the OEM Manufacturer cannot state that the system warranty is void if other brands (third-party) are used.

For example: If you purchased a Proliant ML 370 Server and chose to install Axiom memory, or any third-party manufacturer memory for that matter, HP cannot void the warranty or refuse to provide service on your computer.

For more information about Cisco's policy on third party products: Cisco Website
For more information about HP's policy on third party products: HP Website

Track Your Package

Axiom knows how important it is for you to receive your orders on time. Whether it is a memory chip to fix a computer that is down or more storage to finish up a project for a client, you can count on Axiom to get the product to you. The tracking tool below will also leave all of the guesswork out of the equation so you can have peace of mind. Visit Our Shipment Tracking Page to lookup your tracking information now.

Technical Support

Axiom Memory prides itself on its uncompromising technical support for our reseller and distribution partners. If you have any questions regarding memory or hard drives, whether it's installation or upgrading your system, our experienced support staff is ready to assist you.

Axiom's toll free technical line provides support to both our resellers and their corporate clients. Should you have any problem with an Axiom upgrade or need a RMA we can be reached at 888.658.3326. Our support desk is available from 8AM to 5PM PST on weekdays. You can also receive same day technical support via email at

Evaluation Program

Axiom allows you to verify the quality and reliability of our products by offering an evaluation program to authorized resellers and their corporate clients.

Visit the Evaluation Page for more info.

Warranty Overview

(For a more detailed information, please visit our main warranty page)

Product quality control is of utmost importance to Axiom. Combining quality parts with Axiom's superior technology allows us to make the best computer upgrades in the market. This is why Axiom stands behind all of its products and offers a higher than industry standard warranty on everything that leaves the Axiom facility. Please look below to find the warranty period of the product. The warranty is valid from the date shown on the original receipt of the purchased item.

Duration of Warranty

Computer Memory - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Transceivers - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cables - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Flash Cards - Limited 5 Year Warranty

Non Enterprise SSD Drives - Limited 5 Year Warranty

Networking Flash - Limited 5 Year Warranty

USB Drives - Limited 5 Year Warranty

Hard Drives - Limited 3 Year Warranty

Enterprise SSD Drives - Limited 3 Year Warranty

Battery Products - Limited 1 Year Warranty

iPad Accessories - Limited 1 Year Warranty

Printer Maintenance Kits - Limited 6 Month Warranty

All warranty periods start from the date of purchase by the original customer.
Any discontinued products that are not listed in the warranty will no longer be covered.

Warranty Terms

This warranty guarantees that the product purchased will work for the specified time above under its regular intended use. Axiom is not responsible for items malfunctioning due to misuse, accidents, or unauthorized modifications. Axiom shall repair or replace any module that is returned in accordance with the criteria outlined below:

  • Module is undamaged physically
  • All Axiom Memory labels and markings are intact
  • Customer provides original purchase documentation
  • Customer has a valid RMA number
  • (Please contact the Axiom Technical Support Team)
  • Should you encounter a failure, Axiom will cross-ship you a replacement module within 24 hours.

Returns for Product Replacement

Axiom understands that our customers purchase our products for important business and personal applications. If you received a defective item, we do not want to leave you months behind without a working product. This is why Axiom offers a 24 hours cross-ship to get a working item out to you right away. Just contact an Axiom Technical Support Representative to set up a RMA and have a replacement item shipped out to you. Certain restrictions may apply. click here for details